Thursday, August 30, 2012

After "I do": Living Together

As most of you already knew, Marc and I did not live together before the wedding so the last two months have been quite an adjustment.  I haven't shared a bedroom since one semester abroad in college, and before that, probably since I was in the single-digit age years.  As much as I may think that I am the model roommate, I took inventory of some of my "habits" that I have had to change (read: completely get rid of) since we've been married:

1.  Sleeping in the middle of the bed.  I used to have a queen sized pillow-topped mattress all to myself.  All mine.  Not only did I sleep completely sprawled out in the middle of the bed like a giant starfish, I also always had heaping piles of clothes and stuffed animals strewn about on top of the comforter just to keep me safe.  I am now confined to the left side of the bed, although I occasionally find myself wandering to the middle for safety in the middle of the night.

2.  I have about 30 items on my bathroom counter (face wash, toner, SPF, anti-aging serums, daytime moisturizers, nighttime moisturizers - yes it's necessary to have both as they serve different purposes, face masks, hairspray, hairbrushes, leave in condition, and a variety of other concoctions that I simply MUST have to look my best).  This doesn't even include the most foreign type items that most guys don't even know what purpose they serve or what the can do (i.e. eyelash curler, bags of hair extensions, false eyelashes).  Although I haven't had to "get rid" of any of these items, I have had to make the effort to neatly stow them away in a drawer.

3a.  I don't have a bedtime.  Instead, almost every single night, I "do do do" until I am so exhausted that I can't even keep my eyes open.  There's almost no wind down time for me.  I call them "sleep attacks" only they happen every night around 12:30-1:00 a.m. 

3b.  On the off night that I don't go to bed by "sleep attack" I like to read e-books, doodle around on Facebook, or in general, do anything on my iPad.  Unfortunately, Marc is a ridiculously light sleeper and even with eyes shut, and the iPad brightness on its lowest setting, it disturbs his sleep.  Hence, I have to either iPad in another room and then wait for "sleep attack," or go to bed and wait to fall asleep like a normal person.

3c.  As a result, I am a horrible morning person.  I used to snooze for an hour before I could even imagine opening my eyes to start my day.  Now, for the most part, if Marc is up and getting ready for the day.

4.  Keeping the thermostat below 80.  It's August and, if Marc is home, I'm wearing a sweatshirt or wrapped up in a blanket.  Apparently, my comfort temperature is much higher than his.   

5.  Leaving my unfinished projects all over the house - this is the habit Marc would like me to fix most, and I've been the worst at.  But it's all wedding related. I'm still not entirely done wrapping up the wedding chapter of my life - mentally, emotionally, logistically.  I still have unwrapped gifts, thank you notes to write/send, photos that need frames, and a dried out bouquet that I just don't have the heart to throw out but aren't sentimental enough to keep/preserve.  I swear, I'll get there soon.  I want to host parties without being embarrassed of the KitchenAid mixer, food processor, crockpot, and ice cream maker that's stacked up to the ceiling in a corner of our dining room (sorry bookclub friends).  Perhaps that'll be the goal of September.

It has certainly been adjustment living with someone, but there are certainly many wonderful things that have come along with it:

1.  Having someone to talk to all the time.

2.  Cooking for two.

3.  Learning to be more other-centered and less self-centered (sharing the iPad, folding laundry, feeding the the step-dog).   

4.  Living with my best friend.