Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 10k

Because I knew I was going to stuff my face on Thanksgiving, I decided to sign up for the Turkey Trot 10k in Dana Point.  The course offers up awesome ocean views throughout the Dana Point Marina and Doheny State Park, which I knew would give me the inspiration to complete the race.

On race day, I was up at 5:30a.m. (it was still dark) and was ready to go!  Before leaving the house, I snacked on piece of wheat toast with peanut butter, half a banana, and half a protein shake.  I also had an apple in the car on the way to Dana Point for some extra pre-race fuel!  It was a pretty cold morning and there was a slight chance of rain so I wore my Lululemon running pants, a dry-fit long sleeve top, and a pink swishy down-filled vest with hoodie in case the weather turned ugly. 

I hadn’t run a 10k in almost 10 years, and hadn’t run more than 4 miles at one time since then, so I was a little bit nervous about whether or not I’d complete it.  It also didn’t help that the front runners looked like this:


I’m somewhere way towards the back.

 Because I was tardy, I was towards the back half of the third wave of runners so I didn’t get to start the race until probably 15 minutes after the first wave.  But before I knew it, my legs were movin’ and I was racin’ away!

Throughout the duration of the race, I had a few thoughts along the way:

Mile 0.20: Is that the first wave of runners already on their way back?  Ummm....they’ve completed half the course and I just started.  And yes, these guys were averaging under 5 minutes a mile!  WTF?!

Mile 1: Wasn’t too bad.  I had to remember not to get too excited and sprint the entire way.  My arches were a little crampy but that eventually went a way.

Mile 2:  Mmmmm...water station...the ocean looks so pretty...ew those are a lot of birds...I better run faster than that pregnant lady...

Mile 4: This 3rd mile has got to be the longest mile ever.  When will it ever end?  Oh wait. I’m already at Mile 4?  Where was the sign? I guess I was too busy looking at everything else that I missed the Mile 3 sign! Wheeee! Two more to go!

Mile 4.5: Hey is that Lynne Curtin from RHOOC?  Yes it is!  Gotta catch up....

Mile 5:  By this point, I took my first break and walked a bit.  I was a little bit over my playlist, but so I kept pace with my new pseudo-celebrity friend Lynne.

Mile 6: “Is that the finish line?! See ya later Lynne!”  I could see the end, and was feeling proud of how far I’d made it. I picked up the pace, and then, just like that…I finished!  Final time:  1 hour and 22 minutes.

It felt amazing to finish and I can't wait to sign up for another race!

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  1. I am so proud and envious of your endurance and high spritis during the race...and I liked reading about your Turkey Trot outfit. Did you wear a sweat headband? I'm really into those mini-headbands like Sasha V. (mysterious ethnicity)from The Lakers wears out on the court. We pretty much have the same haircut, so I figure that he would know the best thing to wear to deter hair sweat.

    Did you get a Turkey Trot t-shirt? Uh, did you get stuck with size XL? I feel like SM
    t-shirts don't really exist and it's all smoke and mirrors at events like 10k's or company picnics, etc. Where's your finish line photo?