Monday, April 2, 2012

Nom Nom Nom

It is less than 3 months until the wedding and we just had our food & cake tasting!  While I already knew we would enjoy every delicious bite, I was not prepared for the barrage of intricate decisions that we would face.  Did you know there's more to a tasting than just what the food tastes like?  We had to consider food placement, whether or not there's enough "color" on the plate, whether the progression from hors d'oeuvres to appetizer to salad to entree to dessert made "sense."  Lucky for us, Marc and I LOVE to eat, and like everything else in this wedding, nothing was haphazardly chosen. 

We were also lucky to have my lovely FMIL Judy, wedding coordinator, Ruth Wang of Behind the Scene, and our amazing Langham Huntington Special Events Manager, Chelsea Rowe tasting beside us and helping us make some of the final menu selections.  Not only that, after each "course" - salad, entree, dessert, pastries, the Langham chefs in charge of creating each item came out to greet us, answer our questions, and give us recommendations as to what we could do to create our dream menu!  It was a really nice touch on behalf of the Langham and really made our experience even more special.

Here are just a few of the tasty selections we got to try:
Grilled lamb porterhouse with balsamic lentil and Humboldt goat cheese - It was!

Herb crusted sea bass with artichoke ravioli and roasted artichoke, veal jus.  Delicious!

Pear Cheesecake with poached pear, caramel sauce.

In the end we were happy, satiated, and stuffed!  In fact, I'm so glad that restaurant was almost empty because you could probably hear us laughing and having fun from the hallway! 

I better find some time to eat at the wedding—there is no way I want to miss all this glorious food!

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