Monday, November 19, 2012

Starbucks + Rodarte: Taking Your Coffee from Hot to Haute

Sunday morning, Marc and I took the dog for a quick stroll to the local Starbucks. While Marc hung out with the pooch outside, I went in to order my first coffee of the week. The entire store had been redone in holiday red, but there was a display of lime green, silver, and shades of grey that I simply could not ignore.  What was it? It was the Rodarte + Starbucks limited holiday collection! 

Available at Starbucks

The "holiday" collection includes a travel mug, a reusable cloth cup sleeve, a gift card, and a tote — all splashed with a Starbucks-gone-pixelated to the point of non-recognition print (No, it's not your computer not loading pictures properly). And of course not a snowflake or reindeer in sight.

With prices ranging in the $6-$15 range, it was finally some Rodarte that I could afford! (Rodarte is probably otherwise most famous for creating Natalie Portman's striking ballerina costumes in Black Swan and their dresses cost in the thousands of dollars!)

In my opinion, there's no better way to start the day other than a great outfit and an even greater cup of coffee. I just loved the modern, crisp, and minimal look of the entire collection. So the coffee-lover and fashionista in me simply had to have it. 

So on this Manic Monday, I brought in my fancy new designer mug to the office. And even though it was just for one brief moment, I got to imagine that I was an exciting executive working at a haute couture fashion house in Paris, instead of a lowly associate attorney at a small-midsize law firm in Irvine, it made my $12 investment all worth it.

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  1. Hahah I didn't realize we were so lowly down here in Irvine! I want to get a peek at that mug when you bring it in next!