Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Full Psycle Fever, Catch It!

One of the reasons I’ve been neglecting the Constance Comment the last of couple months is because I’ve joined a cult.  And by that, I mean I’ve been (obsessively) taking spin classes at Full Psycle – a new full-body indoor cycling studio in Costa Mesa.  Now, I’ve been spinning for a couple years now at various gyms and other spin studios in town, but it was if all those classes were just training me for Full Psycle because, well, Full Psycle is the real deal.    

Ambiance: The studio is very minimalist, but clean and well-maintained.  They also have keyed-lockers to lock up your belongings, and two changing rooms in case you’re like me and are always rushing to class from work and don’t have time to change out of your professional young woman’s attire before doing so. 

The Peeps: Paul/Shelly/Kris/every other instructor I’ve ever taken from is ridiculously friendly.  Upon arrival, one of these wonderful instructors will check you in and help you procure a pair of spin shoes in case you don’t already have a pair, as well as help you to adjust your bike in the beginning of class.  Despite that each of these instructors is arguably much sexier than me, and definitely more fit, they each make me feel like “part of the family."  That being said, these instructors will motivate you and push you harder than you've ever worked before. 

The Asylum:  The room is dark, tiny, and bikes fill almost every corner of the stadium setting.  One aspect of Full Psycle, which brings me great relief, is that each bike is sanitized after each class.  This didn’t happen at my last spin studio and it sure as hell didn’t happen at 24 Hour Fitness.  Each bike is also dressed with an orange towel folded with precision for your enjoyment.   

Class Synopsis: The class consists of 45 minutes of energetic music at club-level decibels, sprints, imaginary hills, and races stemming therefrom.  And just when your legs feel like jelly, you’re lovely instructor will then ask you to pick up your weights to give your arms a chance to get in on the fun. If this is your first time, you might think “Is this a joke?” But no, it’s not. So not only will your legs feel completely dead, your arms will burn like they were on fire.  It’s pretty much awesome. 

Leaderboard:  Although the leaderboard is technically part of the “Class Synopsis” it really deserves its own heading.  Each bike is hooked up to a power gauge that estimates how much power you are exerting based on the level of your resistance.  Your “power” and resulting created energy is displayed on a computer screen in front of the class, ranking you against the other people in the room and essentially turning the class into a 45-minute race. Unlike most spin classes, where no one can tell how high you’ve got your resistance cranked up—leading to a room full of riders whose resistance is so low that they are bouncing in their seats—the leaderboard knows how hard you’re working. The leaderboard knows all. 

And if you’re anything like me, once I see my number up there, I wanna win. I wanna win so badly.  It’s no secret that I am an extremely competitive person.  But guess what? I suck.  I never win at Full Psycle.  But I think that’s just what keeps me going.  I'd also like to mention that I almost threw up after my first class at Full Psycle.  I came back the next day.

The Aftermath:  I never fail to leave class without looking like I just took a shower, or feeling like I just taken a shower.  And on occasion, I’ve gone on with my day as if I had already taken a shower and washed my hair. Sorry friends.  But I digress, after class, I am full of positivity and energy and the overall feeling that I can do anything!!!  This is the addicting part.

If any of you are interested in possibly catching the Full Psycle fever, the first class and shoe rentals are absolutely free! Trust me, you won’t regret it!  

For more information, please visit their website:, and "like" them on Facebook:


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