Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sorry I've been gone...

not that anyone has cried themselves to sleep over it, but I'm back!  So much time has passed that it would take forever to thoroughly update you, but in a nutshell, this is what I've been doing in 2013 (although some of these events may end up being their own blog post):

1) I learned how to knit.
2) Celebrated the birth of no less than FIVE babies by some of my dearest friends, and now anticipating a few more later this year (none of them my own so don't be starting rumors).
3) Attended the 17th Annual Super bowl in Vegas party and cheered the Ravens on to victory.
4) Honeymooned in Maui.
5) Mourned the end of my honeymoon in Maui.
6) Attempted to bill enough hours at work to make up for the time off during said honeymoon.
7) Caught up on all three seasons of Downtown Abbey to the detriment of said billable hours. 
8) Became hopelessly addicted to Full Psycle, my new spin studio.
9) Ran a half-marathon.
10) Read several books.

And hopefully, I'll add more blogging...

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